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    david S

    Hi Hesham

    Having fun playing with your plugin 🙂 But need help on a couple of things…

    1. I want to add the review stars (user and/or editorial) of a specified product/page , to another page on the site. Is there shortcode for this?

    2. I want a summary page listing top to bottom rated products…like you have at http://wpleaders.com/plugins/
    What’s the easiest way to do this?

    3. Having some formatting issues with review page….pls see **http://livedealer.org/dev/888-test-rating/** and note:
    a) stars squashed for user ratings
    b) muddled text on reply form
    c) criteria don’t display on sliders

    Help greatly appreciated

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    david S


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    Hi, and sorry for being late on this.

    1) You can do this by including the page/post id like this [ratingbox panel=yes id=557 author=no price=no modified=no published=no summary=no] (since version and up)

    2) You can add a new widget area via your Theme on top of a page, then use the Top Rated Reviews widget. (I will be including a shortcode for that in a future release)

    3) Try adding these styles to the end of your theme’s CSS file (or if it has a way to add custom styles, add it there):

    .user_range label {
    position: relative !important;
    left:0 !important;
    .rating-comment {
    padding-top: 0 !important;

    This may solve the styling issues.

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    david S

    OK thanks

    CSS worked great except for 1 small thing … the labels ‘name’ and ‘rating’ still overlap on the reply form. Any thoughts on fix here?

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    I see. Please, create a temp admin account for me and send details by email. I will try to fix it, and probably save us both the time of testing.

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