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    Jamie Shiller

    I’m creating a site similar to http://topalternatives.com/.

    The site shows review listings that can be sorted on a few different criteria.

    I want to use WP Reviews to create category listings to appear similar to http://topalternatives.com/custom-tabs-and-like-gate-for-facebook-business-pages

    I would like to request the following features for WP Reviews:

    Editor Rating:
    Currently the editor rating is a required value. I would like the option to select “Not Rated”.

    Pricing Indicator:
    Currently a specific price is required. Instead I would like to indicate If a product has Free, Pay, or Free/Pay options.
    This would be listed on the individual review and in the ranked category view of the the reviews.

    Sorting Review Category Listings:
    Currently reviews can be ordered by “Order by best rating”. I want the ability to sort review category listings based
    on the following three criteria.

    Order by best rating (already exists)
    Price (sorted ascending from Free, Free/Pay, Pay)
    Custom Ranking (for example based on Alexa traffic. I would input these values)

    And there would be a radio box selection to change the ranking criteria.

    If some or all of these features will not be added to the plugin, can you recommend how I can hook into the plugin to extend the needed features?
    And can you recommend a developer familiar with the WP reviews plugin to do the work?


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    Hi Jamie,

    These are great features, but unfortunately; some of these requests won’t be available via the plugin. And, you can only do it by custom coding.

    A few notes:

    – For the editor rating, it’s possible to set it to “No Rating” in this case, you must check the check box where it says “Enable User Snippets”, the plugin will then understand that this review is a user based only.

    – For the Pricing, the price is required for markups, especially for user rating.

    It’s not easy to hook functions into the plugin in this stage yet, also I don’t know any programmers to recommend for this job. Sorry if this disappoint you, but this looks like a whole complete project you are talking about it.

    It’s not possible to change the behavior of the plugin based on feature requests, especially that many people are using it right now, and this could lead to break their sites. So, what I do is pick only what I see useful for everyone using the plugin. I hope you understand.

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    Jamie Shiller

    No problem. I completely understand.



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    But this doesn’t mean I will forget about these feature requests, I will put them in mind, maybe good things will happen anytime.

    Thanks again.

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