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    Hanish Arora

    Hi there,

    Since when i install WP Rich Snippets Plugin it is affecting the layout of my theme.

    I have deactivated all plugins 1 by 1 to discover that this was the issue and not any other plugin.

    It’s messing up alignment from left side.

    On front page and all other pages, its moving few pixels from left alignment to the right side.

    please have look – http://www.clickbankstudio.com/magnetic-messaging

    here is my another website where theme is coming correct without alignment issue (without WP Rich Snippets Plugin).

    could you please have a look.

    Hanish Arora

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    Hi Hanish,

    I’ve just updated the plugin, please download the latest version and install it instead of the one you are using.

    To do so, deactivate the old version and delete it, then install the new one and activate it.

    Let me know if this fix the issue.

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    Hanish Arora

    looks better now but still little bit align towards right. See in the image..Add, Quality, Price words were cut from left side.


    Also could you please tell me how could i change “Leave a reply” to “leave a review” and “post comment” to “post review” ?

    Just noticed that i cant send image from here..so sending it by replying from email.


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    I see.

    Try adding this to your theme’s styles file:

    .user_range .row {
    	margin-left: 0 !important;
    	margin-right: 0 !important;

    P.S. “Leave a reply” and “post comment” can be changed within your Theme (it’s not produced by the plugin).

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