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    Jan Sistermans

    Hello there from Amsterdam

    After I installed the plugins and wanted to activate them I got this message:

    It is not possible to have both (Author hReview and WP Reviews) plugins active at the same time.

    The Author hReview plugin has been deactivated!

    What to do or what am I doing wrong? 😉

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Jan, You haven’t done anything wrong 🙂

    Both plugins share the review functionality, but:

    – Author hReview can be used to feature only Author/Editor review and rating.

    – WP Reviews has more functionality added to allow Author/Visitors reviews and rating.

    When I first started developing the WP Reviews plugin, I was thinking to retire Author hReview plugin, but I asked my members if they want to have user reviews on their sites, not all of them agree, some wanted to keep it the way it is (not open for user reviews), they were happy with that!

    So, I decided to have 2 plugins instead of combining them into one.

    Practically you don’t need both plugin on one site. One is enough, this depends on what type of functionality you want to have on your site.

    I recommend using WP Reviews if you plan to build a complete review site, or you want to allow users/visitor reviews and rating. I hope this makes sense.

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    Jan Sistermans

    Wauw, that is a quick response!
    Thx Heshem for helping me out on this!

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    No problem.

    I usually respond fast if you are on the right place, and I am behind my computer 🙂

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