Dont understand the "Criteria" section, There are 2 boxes.

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    Zach R

    I can get only one of the 2 boxes to display the text What is the unique ID one?

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    It’s explained in the field as the following:

    Enter Unique ID: This is Id is used by the plugin to define which field is that. So, when you change the order -sort items- the plugin can still know which field was that and put them in the right order. (this has to be unique, also changing the ID will remove the “display” of the user data attached to that ID (the data will still there in the database though). In most cases you don’t want to change the unique ID once you saved the post or if you already have users ratings for that specific criteria field.

    Enter Title (best fit one word): This is the title (text) that will show on the rating box and the comment field, it’s the title of the criteria field, I added this field so you can change the title/text at anytime without affecting the rating data itself.

    P.S. The ID is required for the criteria field to work, spaces and special characters are not allowed, the plugin will remove them automatically and replace spaces with dashed “-“)

    P.S.2. Title is not required, but if it’s not presented; the ID will be used instead.

    I hope this clear things out for you.

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    Zach R

    Okay thanks, Got it. I noticed when I did not enter a value for the Unique Id that it did NOT show the rating sliders in the public rating form. So now that I entered the unique ID it shows the slider for the public to rate with. Thanks! By the way, I just added one other post/question, dont mean to annoy you, but I just got the plugin and am trying to find out if some certain customizations can be done with it, perhaps manually editing the code idk……


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    Glad to help, anytime. I will see your other post now.

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