Do you think people will fee the difference?

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    Would love to hear your opinion as someone who actually tried the free version before, do you think people will fee the difference in the pro version?!

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    Yes, it looks different and there is one little thing that I think will make it very loveable 🙂 it is the half stars!!!! I love having that option

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    Jane Sheeba

    Yes yes… the half stars. I missed them so much in the free version!

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    Chris Baxter

    Compared to the free version, the Pro version is far superior. However….

    The key to getting people to upgrade is to make them aware of all the extra features and how these features justify paying for Pro. If people understand exactly what they are getting, they will buy it. But if they don’t, they will just continue with the free plugin.

    So, my advice would be to spend a lot of time designing and refining your marketing so people understand the tremendous value this plugin offers.

    HTH 🙂

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