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    Raymond Fong

    I am very confused on what the differences are between author hreview, wp review, and wp rich snippets…

    I have access to all 3 but not sure what they each do and when to use any of them, can you explain please? Thanks!

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    Hi Raymond,

    I apologize for the confusion. We are working to clear it all soon.

    Please, check out our plugin comparison page, which will give you some insights about the differences. Also, we recommend using the WP Rich Snippets plugin as it’s our recent and most advanced plugin.

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    Raymond Fong

    I see that… so then what is the point of even having the other 2 if the Rich Snippet does everything? Is there a reason to install the other 2 at all?

    Let me ask a more direct question, if all I care about is making it such that it’s possible for my rating to show up in the Google SERP (just to get a bit more attention), which plugin should I use? Thanks!

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    Raymond Fong

    Can someone explain to me the differences? Rather… if I have WP Rich Snippets, is there any reason to use the other two plugins?

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