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    Can you explain me what the difference is between the review and testimonial plugin? I just can’t figure out what the testimonial plugin can do what the review plugin can’t…

    This is what Google tells us about reviews/testimonials:

    – The goal of a review rich snippet is to provide users with review information about a specific product or service, such as the star rating (1 to 5 stars) and the name of reviewer(s).
    – You can mark up either individual reviews (for example, an editor’s review of a product), or aggregate review information—for example, the average rating for a local business or the total number of user reviews submitted.
    – For pages containing a collection of reviews, use the Review-aggregate format. If your page contains both (for example, an editor’s review plus a set of user reviews), we recommend picking one format.

    I want that visitors/clients can leave reviews on my website about the service I have provided, and that your plugin (because it are multiple user reviews) calculates the aggregate review. This aggregate review markup is the markup this page needs to show the starts/average rating/total reviews in Google searchresults. Is this possible with one of your plugins (without having to review my own service).

    For services also the schema.org markup for product is needed (schema.org is still young!), but why is a price neccesarry, as you can understand a ‘service’ isn’t a fixed price always…. I never read something in the docs from Google this is needed…

    Hope to hear from you!

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    The package has 3 plugins:

    1- Author hReview (author/editor reviews)
    2- WP Reviews (author/visitor reviews) *New
    3- Customer Testimonials (bonus plugin)

    The main difference between the Reviews and Testimonials plugins:

    – The Reviews plugins : Can be used to review products or services that is posted by an author, also you can get user reviews on these products (like the WP Reviews dose). Reviews are presented in post, pages, or a custom post type.

    – The Customer Testimonial plugin: meant to be used to display customer testimonials, and adds markups for rating to the front or home page of the site (it works on the root domain) this is ideal to rate the whole service or the core product, I’ve created it specifically for those who are selling a service or a product online presented on one single site (for example, a website that sells en e-book, or a software). So, practically it’s not to be used to review products.

    I’ve explained what each plugin dose in a blog post here (please take a look)

    In your case, I would recommend using the Customer Testimonials plugin.

    P.S. Price is necessary for the markup to validate, there is also a markup for price range, which I will be looking at latter when I have a chance.

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    I just replied in the other topic at the same time, so let’s continue there: http://authorhreview.com/support/topic/nothing-shows/.
    I will reply on your comments there.


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