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    Rajesh Bisai

    I would like to know the difference between
    1. Author hReview
    2. WordPress Reviews Pro
    3. WordPress Rich Snippets…

    When I install one, the other gets deactivated.
    So which one should I install, to get all the features.

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    Hi Rajesh,

    Here is a quick answer, the main differences between plugins:

    1. Author hReview: Editor only reviews.
    2. WordPress Reviews: editor and user aggregate reviews.
    3. WordPress Rich Snippets: more advanced plugin with more schema types, reviews types (rating, percentage, vote, aggregate) and add-ons to extend its functionality.

    Here is a link to the Plugins Comparison that has more details.

    So apparently, I would go for the WP Rich Snippets plugin, unless I need a simple solution, then I would go with one of the other plugins.

    I personally recommend using the WP Rich Snippets plugin if you are building a new website, so you can get your hands on the new cool feature we are working on.

    I hope this help you on making the decision.

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    Rajesh Bisai

    Hi Hesham,
    I already am using Wp-Reviews on one of my sites. Now if I disable it and use Wp-Rich Snippets, will it make any difference? Also is there a detailed tutorial on Wp-Rich Snippets?

    Also how to add the add-ons to a website?

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    The two plugins are totally different in the they way they work, so the WP Rich Snippets plugin won’t work unless you edit your old entries and fill the details again.

    I am eager to create a tool for smooth upgrade, but not sure yet when it will be ready.

    Add-ons are installed like any other WordPress plugin.

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