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    Paula Boyles


    I am encountering a plugin conflict in the WordPress dashboard with Rich Snippets that does not exist for WP Reviews. I have not been able to resolve this, and was unaware of the conflict until today.

    When I activate Rich Snippets, the plugin Gravity Forms Styler no longer allows me to access the settings for this plugin in the dashboard. When I deactivate Rich Snippets, I am able to access the settings for the plugin normally.

    This did not, and still does not happen when WP Reviews is activated instead of Rich Snippets.

    Since I have never encountered a plugin conflict in the DASHBOARD before, and as WP Reviews does not create the same issue, I am hoping this might be an easy problem to fix or work-around?

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    Paula Boyles

    UPDATE: We have determined a work-around for this conflict. First, we must deactivate Rich Snippets on our site. Then we can access the CSS settings for our site forms using the Gravity Forms Styler plugin. After the settings are saved, we then reactivate Rich Snippets.

    It is not a perfect solution, but it works. Unfortunately, the Gravity Forms Styler plugin is the only plugin we can find that styles Gravity Forms. Hence, there is no alternative plugin to use. 🙁

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    Hi Paula,

    This is really strange, the WP Rich Snippets plugin admin menu shouldn’t conflict with any other plugin because it has no order, other plugins will just push the plugin menu item down, so they both show!

    I can’t help with this issue unless I have access to the plugin, or maybe you can get support from the plugin’s author.

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