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    Galen Brazell

    With Authorh Reviews, I could change the star rating icons by modifying the stars.png to whatever I needed. This was a great back-end feature even if not directly supported. WP Reviews uses Font Awesome now I believe, is there any way to switch to a png, so I can use a custom rating image or icon?

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    Hi Glen,

    There is no simply way to do that at this point. However, you will find some notes from an older code that you can maybe check if you would like too, but I don’t recommend that, you will have to make several changes, also these modification will be lost whenever you update the plugin., so it’s not a practical way!

    I’ve used Font Awesome in WP Reviews since the first release, and I am planning to update the Author hReview plugin to use the same as well.

    When I am done with a few functions (I am working on) there will be a way to change how the rating graphic looks like in a very simply way, which I think should be better than using images.

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