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    joon lee

    this is an awesome plugin. really really really thank you.

    I have a few questions

    1. I want to separate “reviews” from regular blog posts. I used some plugin to see if the plugin is working with costom post type. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work. Am I correct that this plugin (up to this point) works only with Posts and Pages? Or is there any other way to hide review posts from “”

    2. can we customize review settings? for example, instead of “version” , can we change it to “made in” & can we add another field? to add more info?

    3.Lastly, this has “review posts” under the setting. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include reviews done under Pages. Is there any way to tweak this?

    Thank you so much for your help, Hesham

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    Hi, glad you liked the plugin.

    I’ll try answer your questions…

    1) The plugin works with custom post types, as long as you see the review meta box in the post editor, it will work. But, these posts won’t be listed on widgets or shortcodes. (this should be an latter update),

    2) The next update will have the ability to add custom fields.

    3) The reason is I am not focusing on pages that much, I think posts are more suitable for reviews, of course a custom post type would be even better!

    I am working on the next update, not sure when it will be available, the main big change is the ability to allow users to add their rating and reviews. So, I had to re-code big part of the plugin. I will try to add more features to custom post types.

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    joon lee

    Hello Hesham,

    thank you very much for the answers 🙂 yeah, it will be really really awesome if the plugin auto-generates a custom post type. this will make it the best review plugin.
    maybe for now, it’s better to add a multisite only for reviews as we don’t want to mix it with our blog posts.

    i have one quick question again. (as this is related to “customizing review settings”)

    Can you let us know where to go(folder) for aligning the fields?

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    joon lee

    oops. the link got deleted.

    here you go again


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    I need a link to your site, can’t work by seeing an image.

    By the way, you can use Types, it’s probably the best plugin to create custom post types, using the default settings won’t show the post on your blog home page, and they are a lot of features, it’s free though.

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    joon lee

    oh man, this TYPE plugin is much better than puppins easy content type, which messed up everything. (and now a waste of money..) Thank you so much. oh boy.

    i am working on my local server now, but created the same problem in our test site here

    i think it’s coming from my theme, but trying to fix this, and want to know where the code is..

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    Ok, now I see the issue, it’s your theme overrides the plugin, I will add this to the fixes.

    You can add this to the end of your theme style.css file for now:

    [code title=””]
    #ta_rating dl {
    padding: 0;

    I hope this helps.

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    joon lee

    awesome support 🙂 thank you hesham!

    i will experiment some things with the Type plugin. thank you again.

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    You are welcome, glad I could help.

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    Charles Adiukwu

    Looking forward to the next update that allows you to customize review settings!

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