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    Giuseppe Ruffo


    i’ve a problem with the criteria title. You can see it in that post:

    I add criterias in the rating, in the edditors rating it’s working fine. But in the user rating it don’t show the title it display the ID what i add.

    I tried it on differend posts, but it’s all times the same problem.

    What is wrong here, and what is about the thing with the unique ID?
    I have to add i unique ID for every criteria what i create, or only a new ID when i add a new title?
    This is not clearly defined.

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    This bug has been sorted in the update I am going to release soon, probably by tomorrow it will be ready. So, please don’t worry about it, once the update is available and you update the plugin it will be fixed.

    The ID and Title is required, the thing here is after you save the post for the first time, these criteria fields will be saved using the ID. So, if it happen and you wanted to change the criteria name or the test that shows ( and if you get user rating) in the future, you should NOT change the ID or you will lose user rating. That’s why we have the Title fields that you can edit/change freely without affecting the user rating saved data.

    I hope this explains.

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    Giuseppe Ruffo

    Thank you Hesham,

    good that you have sorted that problem in the update. I still do not quite understand it with the ID.

    For example, i have a post A and i put criteria inside:

    • ID: 1 Title: XXX
    • ID: 2 Title: YYY
    • ID: 3 Title: ZZZ

    Is it posible to use the same ID’s in post B, or i have to set system-wide unique ID’s?

    If i have to set a system-wide unique ID’s, this is very impractical. Because after 20 posts i can’t remember all ID’s.

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    Every post is independent, so Yes, you can use the same IDs in post B, also, IDs can be a word or a number, this is up to you.

    I am planning also to have an option in the plugin settings page to allow you to set criteria fileds that can show on all posts, so if you are using the same criteria in your reviews, then you won’t have to add it again to every post. (this will take a little time though, it won’t be included in the next update).

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    Giuseppe Ruffo

    Thank you, for explaning.
    I would like to have these new option.

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    No problem.

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