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    I am using WP review but leaving the ‘price’ field empty. I notice a crawling error in Google Webmaster tools.
    How do I fix it? THank you (sorry screenshot upload currently down, here is a paste of the error).

    Error on Structured Data > Product (markup: page of Google webmaster tools

    Error reads: Missing: price. On the

    Page URL Items Items with Errors Last Detected Name Price Brand Model Errors
    BIG4 Moruya Heads Easts

    Missing: price

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    Hi Fabienne,

    If you see this error is because Price is required for the markup to validate! (this is due to review types)

    Have you thought of switching to the WP Rich Snippets plugin?

    If you still in the early stages of using the WP Reviews plugin and don’t have a high number of entries, then probably you can do it manually.

    To do the switch:

    1- Install and activate the WP Rich Snippets plugin on your website.
    2- Edit your review entry and you will see the Rich Snippets meta box.
    3- Copy required fields from the Reviews meta box to the Rich Snippets meta box.
    4- Repeat step (3) for all reviews entries.
    5- Deactivate the WP Reviews plugin.

    P.S. If you have high number of posts and you can not do this manually, then you will have to wait till we release the Switch tool we are working on.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Hesham,

    Yes I would like to use the Rich snippets but cannot access it – I sent you a support ticket about a month ago, could you pls respond to that one?

    Thanks again,


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    Sure, I will reply to you in the support ticket!

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