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    Gombos Atila

    The text that displays the number of reviews, aka testimonials is erroneous.

    It say DarkQ is rated (the number of starts) based on 10 reviews.

    But I have 16 reviews.

    Any fix?

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    Martin Cooney

    Hey Gombos,
    Yeah I reported this and Hesham has the fix. He’ll need to update the download to make it available now. Hope soon for you.

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    Gombos Atila

    Hi Martin, thanks for your replay.

    I already implemented the plugin and I already have over 20 testimonials/reviews.

    Can you send me your version of the plugin (I saw in another post that Hesham fixed it for you) via e-mail? ( [at]

    Or Hesham maybe?

    I appreciate that Hesham will release someday the updated plugin, but, it is frustrating for me to have perma 10 reviews appearance until then.


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    Hi Gombos ,

    Just update the plugin now, please download it and upgrade.

    Here is a link to what’s new in 0.1.4.

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    Gombos Atila

    Awesome, thanks.

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    Enjoy 🙂

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