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    Richard Hennessy

    As the title suggests I would like to change the default currency from US dollars to UK pounds. I would also like to have a “+” next to the price if possible as I charge variable rates for my services. Is there any way this can be done? Thanks

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    Richard , not sure if this is related to the WP Customer Testimonials plugin!

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    Richard Hennessy

    Sorry Hesham, I accidentally posted in the wrong part of the forum. I meant this in relation to the author hReview plugin. Have a look at this It says the price is $50 but I would obviously like this to say £50. Can it be altered?
    Also a search feature for the forums would be a big help!
    Hope you enjoyed your new year and thanks for a great couple of plugins

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    Richard, I just found out that this actually is related to the Customer Testimonials plugin, I got confused because I didn’t have a link to your site, but I got it and checked it.

    You can open the front_snippets.php file that is located at /wp-customer-testimonials/inc/front/ folder.

    Search for “USD” in the file, and replace it with “GBP”, save the file and upload it back to its place on the server.

    Let me know how it goes after Google re-index your site.

    Have a great 2013 🙂

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