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    Hi Hesham,

    Firstly let me just say that I’m so glad I switched over from WP-Reviews to Rich-Snippets, it’s a much better platform.

    I’m considering using the “hide the price” option in the back-end, I see that you have stated “NOT recommended” could you elaborate on this for me please?

    Is there any chance I might be penalised for using this option?

    As previously mentioned, my goal is to display a US Dollars price as well as a UK price that switches depending on their location.

    I can do this easily in the summary section using a shortcode from another wordpress plugin

    Here is an example of the shortcode working for the product link:

    Hercules Wae Neo Bluetooth Speaker Review

    I would also introduce a £/$ price here too and disable the price from the back-end.

    However, if by doing this, I risk losing my rich snippets review stars in the search results, I would probably not do it.

    Kind Regards


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    Hi Simon,

    I still didn’t figure out how this can be done, probably we will need to add another field for a different price too, that makes it more complicated. I won’t be adding any features to the core plugin unless it will benefit a range of members, so I prefer to do such thing via an add-on if possible, I hope you understand that I don’t have an estimate time to tell when this can be done.

    I suggest you keep the price, it may break the markups. (you can test it out if you link, if the stars disappears then turn price back on)

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