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    Sean St. Heart

    Can someone please explain to me the differences between the following review types: Review, Product, Organization and Restaurant? I understand the different review format for restaurant, and perhaps even the organization type, but when should I select review rather than product and vice versa? Any insight here would be very much appreciated.

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    You can read about all types of markups at, in our plugin, we try to include support for most used markups.

    Review markup can be used for an Editor reviewing a general item (or Thing), but when you use Product markups it tells search engines that this page is about a specific product (so this means you can provide more specific details about this product).

    I hope this makes sense.

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    Sean St. Heart

    Thanks for clarifying this for me. Still not entirely understanding it all, but it’s starting to come together. Thanks for making a remarkable product and for supporting it. It’s much appreciated.

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