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    First of all, thank you for these plugins – I think you did a very well job of programming and supporting, and we look forward to building an awesome review-part of our site.

    I have a question, though, so I hope you find the time to reply 🙂

    We’re very happy about the compare-feature, but we as we review smartphones, there’s a lot of data like screensize, ram, cpu etc. that would need to also be in the comparisons. Not only the review rating itself.

    We need to be able to do comparisons like the one you see in blue here if you scroll down a bit:

    I’m sure I saw that on a demo part of your site, but now A ) I cannot find it and B ) I cannot figure out how to add anything else than ratings.

    Can you please explain to me if the possibility to input stuff like CPU, RAM, screensize etc. is there and if so, where I need to look ?

    Thank you and once again “thumbs up” for a really nice set of plugins!

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    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    I was actually looking in ways to expand the comparison table functionality, without being specific towards one type of markups, my goal is to try making things work for every type of business. That’s really challenging!

    So, at this point; the table can look like this as shown on the demo site.

    I will be looking to extend this functionality in a way or another in the future, but I would recommend using some custom solution for the functionality you want to have on your website.

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    Sounds good and thank you for fast reply 🙂

    So perhaps for now, we could just use the description field for the extra data like ram, cpu etc. for a given comparison 🙂

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