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    Carl Street

    Hi Hesham

    I’d like to change the font that all the WP Rich Snippets boxes use (I don’t want them to just use the primary font that my website uses). Is there an easy way to accomplish this via some custom CSS? I figured I’d ask before digging into the CSS myself.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Carl,

    You can use this class: wprs_container, so you can change the font by adding o your theme’s style file:

    .wprs_container {}

    I hope this helps.

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      Carl Street

      Thanks Hesham – that worked for the review box. Is there separate CSS for the Pros/Cons box?

      I’m also using the CTA, Ranking Table, and Compare add-ons – can you also tell me what CSS properties I need to change to affect those fonts?

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    Carl Street

    Think I figured it out – I changed these and it seems to be working – correct me if I’m wrong:

    Pros Box = .wprs_pros {}

    Cons Box = .wprs_cons {}

    CTA Box = .wprs_cta {}

    Comparison Table = .table-responsive {}

    The Ranking Table is using its own fonts that I’m fine with

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    Yes, that is correct. Glad you’ve made it to work.

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