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    I’ve been hand coding my microdata until today using the review name “Andrew Girdwood”.
    This plugin seems to draw the reviewer name straight from WordPress and simply credits the review to “Andrew”. I’d like to see an “Review’s name” setting in the plugin where I can override the automatic choice and avoid hacking the code.

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    It would be much simpler if you can edit your profile and change the display name.

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    That’s the solution I’ve gone with but it’s not ideal. I have an User called “Guest Reviewer”, for example, and it would be cool to let guests add their own name into the post details.

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    Oh, ok, I see what you mean.

    Let me get this marked for the next update. I am in the process of recoding a big part of the plugin to make it easier for me to add such feature.

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    That would be awesome. Thanks.

    I don’t know if you’re soliciting other feedback and this is just my first few hours with the plug in – but some initial thoughts.
    – It would be good if the review box could appear just at the bottom of the post rather than at the top and the bottom.
    – Colour options for stars and buttons would be ace – or even a variant on stars.
    – Could we change the initial “review of [title]” text – for example, I’m really using the plugin as a summary so “Summary of: [title]” works better for me.

    I think you’ve a great and professional plugin here. I’ve bought the multisite and imagine will be recommending it to people.

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