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    This product will be really useful for my site if I can just edit the titles of things. For example, I want “editor” to say “beauty editor” instead. I have several of these type of changes that I want to make. How do I accomplish this? Do I need to edit a php file? If anyone can help or direct me to other hepful post, I would be grateful!!!! Thanks!!

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    Hi Julie, You will have to do this manually. However, I don’t recommend editing any of the files because you will lose future updates of the plugin.

    Practically you need to find where these words in the code and edit them. Mostly you are looking at this file:


    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your response Hesham! Do you think future updates will allow manual changing of this feature?

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    I don’t think so Julie, it’s not easy to add a feature like this along with translation. The plugin’s code will get really complicated at some point, I hope you understand.

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