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    Martin Cooney

    Testimonials are a great great thing for site wide recommendations.
    But ….
    I also want to use the plugin for various other areas of the site that include products.
    So can or will the plugin be able to:

    [1] Display the thumbnail testimonials based on a set category?
    [2] Display a snippet testimonial but instead of a widget display, display in-content – might look like the bubble quote with person thumbnali and rating to one side. Sometimes it’s much more powerful to allow the reader the abiltiy to read down the testimonial list, especially when it comes to a product page ala Amazon
    [3] Ability to insert form on page, with the inserted draft being assigned to an assigned category.

    Just some ideas to make the plugin Uber-Awesome

    P.S the Support link has somehow disappeared from the site menu nav

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    Hey Martin,

    I’ve done some new modifications based on your recommendations,

    Probably I will push out an upgrade today, and update the documentation as well to make it more clear as now the shortcodes has more optional parameters to use.

    Here is a list of changes and new features I’ve added to the coming release so far:

    version 0.1.3
    – Fix display all testimonials via shortcode, added num=-1 as default
    – Renamed [testimonials] shortcode to [testimonials_tooltip]
    – Added list testimonials based on category [testimonials_tooltip cat=category1,category2]
    – Added new shortcode [testimonials_list] with new style
    – Added option to display testimonials by id [testimonials_bubble id=1,2,3]
    – Add new option to the settings page to include categories list in testimonials form
    – Added new widget “Rating Stars” to display overall rating based on # of reviews

    Thought this plugin will be more simple than that, but well.. it looks like I was wrong! Anyways, the good thing is there is no plugin that I know dose what it dose 🙂

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    Martin Cooney

    Oh way way cool, Hesham.
    Can I also insert the testimonials form based on category as well I.e. if someone fills the form then it will be submitted for review and assigned to the category that’s been chosen for it?

    Also, I was wondering if it’s possible to give the testimonials a small bubble number if there’s been a new one submitted so it’s easy to visually see from the admin sidebar that one is awaiting review and publication?

    Wrote a review on hReview too –

    Cheers and great work, mate

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    Yeap, it’s added, I just forgot to mention it 🙂

    Small bubble for new testimonials? That’s smart, I actually need this feature myself, so yes I will figure out a way if not in the main plugin menu, then it would work on the admin menu! Let me see….

    That’s one of the best reviews this plugin ever had! Many thanks Martin, awesome!

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    Martin Cooney

    Leave me a comment on the site then, Hesham hahaha
    Oh cool, great to have the form specific to categories too
    And glad you see value in the bubble thing – obviously prefer the left side Admin than the top Admin menu – it is getting freakingly crowded up there and sometimes a real pain in the donkey when using a tablet.

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    Sure, I will leave a comment.

    By the way, the bubble is done!

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    Martin Cooney

    0.013 is way cool, Hesham.
    Only minor issue is:
    Widget isn’t able to be set to a specific category. I got around it by popping the bubble shortcode in a text widget with the category set. There is a minor CSS issue in that the picture is inset more than the widget-only which squeezes the name and site name to be a little narrower.

    All n all though, the category form and display all work brilliantly.

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    Martin Cooney

    I should say too, for the in content bubble shortcode, the further inset of the picture is the better looking option

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    I will try to update the widget this weekend.

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    Probably I can add one more simple design for the testimonials listing soon!

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    Martin Cooney

    Oh, with the categories now working across the board, it’s way cool, Hesham.
    Certainly ready for prime time now, if you ask me.

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    Martin Cooney

    I wonder whether that might be something like the picture and rating on one side and the testimonial bubble on the other? Might be a good design for those that would prefer to have the content a little more condensed.

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