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    Hi Hesham,

    I tested your plugin with Pagelines Drag & Drop (V2) and Pagelines DMS (V3), you probably have heard of these themes.

    1) When using your plugin with Pagelines Drag & Drop (V2) it breaks the theme, see example: (I didn’t do anything in the plugin yet, just activated it).

    2) When using your plugin on Pagelines DMS (V3), it changes for somehow the look of my sections that shows latest, most popular news, tags and comments. I even disabled all the things on the technical tab, but still it breaks the look of that section of my site. See, all your markup is gone but the section on the right of the page still looks bad (the populair, recent, comments, tags part). Do you know where this problem comes from?

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Willem,

    This means the plugin styles are overriding the theme styles, I am not sure if it’s a good idea to spend time fixing these issue as I think there are many of them with Pagelines due to to its styles and scripting. So, if we try to fix it, we will break the responsiveness of the theme.

    In your second link, the plugin styles file is not loading at all for some reason.

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    Hi Hesham,

    Pagelines V2 and V3 are not responsive if you don’t choose for that. I think you are saying that because your plugin isn’t responsive?

    About the second link, that is correct that there isn’t a plugin style being loaded, because I disabled everything on the technical tab, however the plugin still causes weird layout of the section I described in previous post. When I disable your plugin, this is not the case anymore and everything looks fine.

    I can give you an account if you would like to check it.

    Kind regards,


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    What I know is Pagelines uses Bootstrap framework, which I am using in the plugin, and that’s the main reason for the conflict. I assume that Pagelines has modified something in the styles.

    Both links you’ve sent me are having responsive feature enabled.

    Try to disable loading Bootstrap within the plugin settings, and see if this solve the problem. (disable loading Bootstrap only)

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    Hi Hesham,

    Let´s forget about the previous post. I think when you had a look at my posted links, I already messed with it.

    I created a multisite test enviremont (so if you ever need a beta tester, just give me a shout).

    First of all I I learned more about Twitter Bootstrap today because I read the docs about the Grid system you are using.
    The docs are for v. 2.3.2 and I also see this is the version you are using, this is what I read:

    Also I learned you can have a fixed width and a fluid width grid system, and both you can make ‘responsive’ if you enable that.

    In my testing envirement I did a test with your plugin on these themes:

    1) Toolset Bootstrap theme;
    2) Pagelines V2;
    3) Pagelines DMS (V3).

    First of all, I don’t have anything to say about the HTML structure you are using. This is indeed a good practise of Twitter Bootstrap.

    1) Toolset Bootstrap Theme:

    This theme is a really clean fixed-width responsive bootstrap theme. You’re plugin behaves very good. All the columns become fluid with a 100% width when the viewport is 767 or below and stack vertically, exactly how it is documented at Twitter Bootstrap.

    In the source code I saw the following:

    <link rel='stylesheet' id='wpbootstrap_bootstrap_main_css-css' href='' type='text/css' media='all' />

    Because it’s a bootstrap theme ofcourse I see that ;-). That’s why I disabled your:

    <link rel='stylesheet' id='wpar-bootstrap-css' href='' type='text/css' media='all' />

    However, even when your’s is also enabled it didn’t break the theme. One question though, why is your link having a ‘?ver=3.6’ part?

    2) Paglines V2:

    Well, probably Pagelines V2 has a special way of including Twitter Bootstrap, because I can’t find the bootstrap.min.css in the sourcecode. However I did find:

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

    When I disabled ONLY (like you said) your bootstrap.min.css your plugin was not breaking the theme anymore. However, the 3 ‘span4’s for the %, price, and stars never became 100% width when the viewport became 767 or smaller.

    3) Pagelines DMS:

    Actually the same as Pagelines V2, and for some reason it also made the top right widget look strange…

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

    Like I said, I don’t think anything is wrong with your HTML, but if you have to say something about the above, I’m happy to learn from you. I think you are right somewhere that modifications of Pagelines are conflicting somehow. I think both V2 and V3 are ‘stuffed’ with other things, other CSS/LESS etc. because it are complex theme. The first theme mentioned is pure Twitter Bootstrap without anything being added.

    For the rest I also see that the Font Awesome part:

    <link rel='stylesheet' id='font-awesome-styles-css' href='' type='text/css' media='all' />

    is loaded on ALL my pages (not only the reviews pages). Does that mean I can use Font Awesome now throughout my whole site?

    I also see in the setting several jQuiry things, well, at this point I don’t know anything about JQuery. But what I would like to know, how can I check if my theme is not already loading it?

    Also, I start learning about ‘Custom post types’. Your plugin however is making use of the already included post type ‘Posts’. What was your motivation to do it like this?

    I also see that you do a lot releases for this specific plugin, thanks for that. However, can I also find releasenotes? And how do we know when there is an update?

    Kind regards,


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    You see, the who reason why I’ve used Bootstrap is to make use of its responsive features without having to code that myself. I knew that there will be a few conflicts with Themes and plugins, so I’ve added an option to disable Bootstrap within the plugin settings to avoid that. But this won’t solve the problem if the theme has a modified version of Bootstrap. The HTML shouldn’t give any problem though.

    If I am building a site for the future, I won’t use a theme like Pagelines (this is just my personal opinion), I would go for Genesis or Thesis, or actually use one of the default Themes that comes with WordPress. The reason is; they have less hassle.

    Yes, I left FontAwesome to load on all pages, also in the plugin settings page so I can use it freely to display icons when ever the plugin require. However, maybe in the future I will limit it to only when a widget is active or on the actual review pages (I won’t do that unless it cause a problem). So, yes you can use it anywhere you like as long as the plugin is active.

    Custom post types are so important to many, I personally started recently to structure my sites using custom post types, it’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone. It makes the site well organized and gain you more control over different types of content.

    All release notes can be found here (you may subscribe for that post to get notifications whenever I update it), also I send emails via the system to all members, if you are not getting my emails, then check your spam folder and try to add the the site email to your contacts.

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    PROBLEM: with the first (1) template, the clean bootstrap theme, I’m missing the stars in the comments…

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    Hi Hesham, as you can see we wrote at EXACTLY the same time. So my last post with problem isn’t a reply on your last post ;-). I’m going to read your post now!

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    I think it’s a good choice from you to use twitter bootstrap. And I think I’m going to ask a refund for Pagelines DMS, because I also experience that, altough it should be easy, in reality it’s really complex and not a ‘clean’ template. So if you want to change some things, sometimes you are busy ‘decoding’ there CSS for example.

    I don’t mind you have included Font Awesome, because some good things of Pagelines is they adopt al those thing, as wel as LESS, what is REALLY A GREAT thing. So please make it like:

    – load only on review page
    – remove it as a whole
    – load on all pages

    About Custom Post types, I agree. But your plugin works on every post type, but that was propably a descission to make it easy for everyone right? So people can use it on pages and post, or make there own custom post type (like ‘books’ or ‘boats’).

    I subscribed to the relasenotes, thanks.

    So, my questions left:

    – the jQuery question in my long post;
    – the starts are not there from my last post;

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Hesham, the example with start not working can now be found here:

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    Hi Hesham, just a reminder so you don’t miss my problem here. I want to start developing on the first theme mentioned in my post, but it’s not working.

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    I think you’ve disabled loading jQuery in the plugin settings, please check and enable it.

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    Hi, thanks for this quick reply. I didn’t disabled the jQuery plugin. I do see in my ‘theme options’, I can disable or enable the comments sections. I ofcourse leave that enabled. Just guessing in the dark that it maybe has to do something with that?

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    Well, it’s getting more confusing. I think I need a close look to this, if it’s OK; please create a temp admin account for me, and send details via the contact page.

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    Hi Hesham, ofcourse you can because I would love that it works :-). I already send you over the login, did you received it?

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    I’ve checked your site, looks like the theme stop loading jQuery that is required by the plugin (that’s why the rating is not working) also, it loads jQuery on the footer, which won’t work with the plugin.

    For some reason I don’t have access to code editor in WordPress, this could be a WPEngine thing.

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    Hi, I think it has to do with the Multisite setup. Can you please send me an e-mailaddress, I think that I give you a super administrator account. Thanks.

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    Hi Hesham,

    I still haven’t got a reply from you which e-mailaddress I can use to give you an administrator account.

    Kind regards,


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