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    Steve Dimmick

    I’m new to the plugin set having just bought the Ultimate lifetime license.

    I want to duplicate the functionality / look of this showcase site:

    I want a rating box at the top of the post (not sure if “rating box” is the correct name for it)
    I want to repeat the Editor review (in recap form) at the bottom of the post.

    Finally, I want to allow site visitors to add their own review.

    So how do I do this?
    Should I use the WP Reviews plugin?
    Should I also use the Rich Snippets plugin too?

    I have read thru the documentation, but that only seems to cover the Rich Snippets plugin and as far as I can tell, doesn’t cover the difference between the plugins and why you would use one over the other….

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Steve,

    – By default, the Box will show on the top of content, all you need to do is to complete the required review details in the post meta box.
    – This one we call it the mini box, which shows below content, it can be enabled within the plugin settings, under the Display tab, where it says (Show Mini Rating Box below content?).
    – Also enabling user reviews can be done within the plugin settings, under the Rating tab.

    Please, read the (old) documentation page for more details on how to use the WP Reviews plugin.

    I highly recommend using the WP Rich Snippets plugin, it’s our latest creation and it has a lot of features that no other plugin has. So, this will be the best for the future of your website.

    We have two documentation sections, old and new (for the Wp Rich Snippets plugin), we are moving slowly to the WP Rich Snippets plugin.

    Here is a page explains the differences between all three plugins we have.

    Please, find other useful links on our site’s footer.

    I hope this helps.

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    Steve Dimmick

    Thanks Hesham!

    I have switched over to just using the Rich Snippets plugin.

    One more question, I can’t get the user reviews to show – does this mean my theme is using a non-standard Comment section?


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    Your theme is fine, I’ve replied to the support ticket.

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