Best method to categorise reviews for car dealerships reviews?

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    Could do with some advice on how to set this up.

    I want to use rich snippets, as it does what I need, apart from having lots of reviews categorised.

    I want to use it for allowing members to review car dealerships.

    Apart from creating a post or page for every car dealership there is, does anyone know of a better way? Or has anyone done something similar?


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    Hi Nick,

    Page markups is very specific, so every page should be about something specific. So, in my opinion; creating a page for each Dealership is how it should be.

    The plugin in general will allow members to submit their reviews.

    We are going to enhance the WPRS Submit add-on to allow inserting complete details about the place you are reviewing, however if you have any custom fields it won’t be displayed by the plugin. This add-on in general will allow you to display a form on your website so that registered members can submit their own Dealership place to your website.

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    Brilliant, thanks. That add-on will be perfect for me to allow members to rate their own independent, non-dealership garages. I look forward to the release!

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    Great, thanks.

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    Hi Hesham,

    I’m trying to get my head around the best way to build this. I’ve now upgraded my package so have all your addons to help me. This is my issue/question below.

    I’m using WPRS to power my car reviews, eg:

    I’ve set “default criteria fields” to be used with this, and they are:

    How It Drives
    Fuel Economy

    Now, I also want to use WPRS to power my Dealership Reviews section. I’ve created a test page, which appears to be working fine:

    Now, my question is this. I want to use “WPRS Submit Form” to enable people to add their own dealership details for a review. But I cannot figure out how to set the criteria fields for this. At the moment, I’ve managed to get this:

    I’ll be wanting to extend this system so people can add reviews of car products/add-ons etc as well.

    Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the great work!

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    Hi Nick,

    The criteria fields are open for users to decide it when submitting their entries. There is no way to set it yourself or use a pre-defined set.

    I am planning to extend the front-end submission add-on to make this more flexible, I added a note in my to do list to update the way Criteria fields works. (I can’t give an estimate time for this).

    P.S. I can’t view the form because it shows only for registered users.

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