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    Laszlo Migalina

    I’ve bought your wp reviews plugin a few days ago and I’ve been having issues with the average user rating. It’s not a jquery conflict issue, my console does not show any script errors. It was working last night, when suddenly it stopped displaying average user rating. I saw I got 2 new comments (spam) showing up in the backend which I deleted. I’m not 100% sure if the new comment caused the average user rating to break, but I find it odd that it happened around the same time. I check the db, user ratings are stored correctly. Maybe the problem lies in the displaying function?

    I’ve also tried reinstalling your plugin but the average user rating still not works.
    Please look into this, I’ve spent too much time trying to find the problem. And I need to get this up and running for my client asap.

    I modified the add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘wpr_DisplayRatingField’,100);
    in user-rating-functions.php to output js scripts to the footer, so if you update or modify it, please keep in mind it will break js.

    I am also using custom template (square), to only show user ratings.

    Single service page: https://creditier.com/services/credit-repair/premiere-plan

    Let me know if you need ftp & admin login. Thank You!

    Please help!
    Thank You

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    Hi, it’s not recommended to modify the plugin. By doing this you will lose modifications when I release future updated.

    Also, there is no developer license for any of my plugins, which means support doesn’t include code modifications. If you want to do it, do it by your own.

    Another thing to pay attention to, Multi-Site license are made so you can use the plugin on all sites you personally own. This means you must purchase a new license for your client so they can use the plugin on their site.

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    Laszlo Migalina

    I did purchase the multisite license ($65). I had to change the code so it loads the scripts correctly, otherwise it wouldn’t work with the project I intended to use. And yes I am well aware if I update I would have to change that one line of code each time.

    I was really hoping to get some support and not a quick response about why you refuse to help.

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    I don’t refuse to help, but what I am trying is to clarify things. It’s not possible to use the plugin on a client’s site.

    This means, you need to purchase new license for your client “first”, then I will be able to help you out with this issue.

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    Laszlo Migalina

    I don’t understand. I purchased the multisite plugin for this site specifically and added the site url as well. Why do I have to purchase it 2x for the same domain?
    I will purchase it again when I will need it for another project.

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    Try to click on the Update User Reviews button and see if this solve the issue. If not, then create an admin account for me and send details via contact page.

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    I think you have an old PHP version, ask the web hosting to upgrade to latest PHP version, upgraded to 5.4

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