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    Raphael Marsh

    Hi there,

    Just registered to the pro version and looks to be perfect for our site. Couple of bits I need help with though:

    1 – On post: Author Review Settings tab; The ‘main’ tab is open (and working) by default, but clicking any tab (Main/Details/Display/Link) makes all tabs stop working. You have to refresh the page to make ‘Main’ content appear again.
    2 – I need the review box to appear in my sidebar. No widget seems to have appeared (Appearance > Widgets). PHP code would also work to insert directly to the template. Either of these available?



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    Hi Raf, glad to hear that.

    1- There must be a conflict caused by another plugin or maybe your theme. Maybe you can start by checking any plugin (or your theme) and see if they add meta box inside the post/page editor page. Try to turn off a few plugins one-by-one till you find the one that conflict and tell me about it. Or create a temp admin account for me and send it by email and I will take a look ( (maybe it’s better to see it in action).

    2- This is not possible at the moment without coding, I will add that to the next update and will let you know once it’s ready.

    P.S. It’s always a good idea to leave a link to one of your reviews here so I can check it.

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    Raphael Marsh

    Hey Hesham,

    Cheers for the quick reply.

    I’ve deactivate all of my plugins one by one and it doesn’t appear to make a difference. I’m really hoping it’s not a conflict with my theme code as I can’t change that. Inspecting the code in Firebug I can see what the problem is. The divs “ta_post_tab1” to “ta_post_tab4” are still present but the style visibility turns/remains off after a click. I’ll send over my site details in your contact form so you can take a look. The code is still very useful to me as it is but would be great if you could spot the problem.

    No problem on the standalone widget. I’ve managed to add the shortcode directly to the template files.

    Best regards


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