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    The Author hReview Pro Version Plugin is not working correctly on my website. first off it doesn’t show the stars in the rich google snippet testing tool and the tabs does not work display correctly when I try to set it up to display on my review pages.

    How long is it going to take to resolve this issue. I am going to have to request a refund if this issue is not resolved by this week. The basic FREE version of this plugin was working much better.


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    tom rochester-peary

    I have just purchased this plugin which in theory sounds great. I have previously been manually inputing the code in to wordpress sites but this should in theory reduce the time.

    I noticed out of all your pages indexed i could only find 1 with the rich snippets showing. This is your home page.

    Secondly this page does not show your Google+ profile, where as all other pages do.

    Is this the problem with your plugin that you can’t add a review with a different author and still show your google+ profile image?

    Please can you explain how to add a review to any page on my site whilst being logged in as ADMIN and the review shows the reviewers name? I have existing testimonials from another plugin that I am just going to copy and paste in. But the new reviews with your plugin show my admin name.

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    Luke, I can’t promise anything, but I will try to get this done this weekend.

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    Tom, I use only the Customer Testimonials plugin on this site ( as I don’t need to make reviews for my own product, this explains the home page rating, and by the way Google+ profile has nothing to do with any of my plugins.

    The Customer Testimonials plugin works per site (not per product), so it’s made for those who are selling one product or service, so the rating is overall the service.

    I hope this explains, it’s a good idea to go though the documentation page, it will tell you more about the Author hReview and Customer Testimonials plugins.

    P.S. Please, open a new thread for your questions.

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