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    Martin Cooney

    Hey Hesham,
    I see a new plugin update.
    Does this update through the WP Dashboard or am I needing to always come back to these forums to determine that one might be available? I just haven’t seem mention of this process.

    I presume that deactivating, deleting, uploading new version and reactivating will retain testimonial data?

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    Plugin update is not automated yet. So, yes you will need to download and upload the plugin. The testimonials data will remain in your database though.

    I am working on the auto upgrad as I know it will save us a lot of pain.

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    Martin Cooney

    Cool mate – new version 0.12 looks great.
    Bear in mind that the default [testimonials] shortcode appears to default to [testimonials num=5 order=rand] parameters where I would have thought it would display everything (until you think about the paging concept)

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    Oh! Yes, you are right, try num=-1 to view them all for now till I update the plugin, I will change that to default to -1 instead of 5.

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