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    Devi Sekzi

    Ok, another question I can’t find any documentation on at all! =)

    I’m sorry for posting so many, but these are all important little pieces of criteria that I am needing to solve to finish this project I just purchased this plugin for.

    Anyway, if you take a look at you can see at the top a VERY nice looking summary of the top 5 rated products from the category.

    How can I do that? lol

    I was expecting to see some feature or function be mentioned in some documentation somewhere.. This feature in particular would mean a TON to me!

    Thanks for your time!


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    Hi Devi,

    This is the Top Rated Reviews widget.

    In the case of, I have a widget area on the top of Themes custom post type, so I can easily display the widget on top of that page. So, practically you will need to have a widget on top of content in your theme.

    Latter in a future update I will be adding this as a shortcode, which should make things more easier.

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    Devi Sekzi

    Hi Hesham!

    Ok awesome, wow that was actually very easy. I simply created a custom conditional using is_post_type_archive(), then used that with a custom hook box for Genesis “before_post_content” and BAM!

    Looks beautiful.

    I have a question though! I noticed that the screenshot the widget uses seemed to have some odd sizing.. seemed smaller. Then i noticed it has a class associated with it “span4”. I changed this to span3 using Firebug and managed to get a much cleaner appearance.

    So I’m wondering how I can go about changing the class for the screenshot from “span4” to “spam3” on a more permanent basis? Any ideas by any chance?

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    Jamie Shiller

    Any suggestion on how I can add the Top Rated Reviews widget above my post content on a non Genesis themed blog?

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    Devi Sekzi

    Well if you are using custom post types, you would probably create custom templates for your single and archive displays. This is one of the biggest reasons I love Genesis so much. It makes so much of that kind of customization so much easier.

    Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this would be your first step:

    Those are the two template files you should be copying from your parent theme into your child theme to modify.

    ALTERNATIVELY… If you can at the very least figure how to create custom widget areas with your template…

    You could use something like this: to help you create widgets to display in very specific places on your site.

    Honestly I think Widgets Controller would be the first thing I would try if I were you Jamie.

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    Jamie Shiller


    Thanks for the advice. Can you share a link to your site? I would like to see what you’ve been able to do.



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    Devi Sekzi

    Sure can!

    It’s in it’s birthing stage though, so the site currently does NOT resemble my end goal for it.

    You can see how I’ve at least implemented the WP Reviews “Top Rated Reviews” widget using a Genesis hook / conditional for my custom post type archive loop at:

    There is currently only one review ported to WP Reviews at the moment though. I’ve gotten saddled with more client work preventing me from working on my new project. 🙁

    Feel free to email me at if you would like to chat any further. I’m a pretty out going sort. =)


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