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    I just updated to your newest version and now my posts do not show correctly. I have bullets next to each item and the ratings do not show on the post page. Its almost like Jquery is disabled but I checked and everything is on. I tried updating to the newest version of wordpress and I am using php 5.4. Do you still have my login info from the last time you logged into my wordpress site. If not I can send again.

    Sidenote: My ability to import the criteria id with a csv importer still seems borderline functional but it is only working for the first letter of the criteria title, criteria unique id, etc. Do you think you could take a quick look at my review_meta_box file as well. This feature is going to save me hundreds of hours!

    Thanks Hesham.

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    Hi Miguel,

    I will have to delay the work on the plugin this week due to some changes in the plugin.

    Please, always include a link to your site where I can see the issue, this will help a lot.

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    The default is to disable the stylesheet with the update. After I disabled this I was able to get it to work.

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    mmm.. I am not really following, but it’s food to know things are working for you 🙂

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