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    paul Paul

    I’m sorry, but I’m getting lots with all the metrics displayed in a page like this one :

    We have
    1 user rating (4.5/5)
    2 a %age on top (90%)
    3 aggregate with a second rating (4.5/5)
    4 a second %age on middle (90%)
    5 an aggregated criteria (average I assume)
    6 list of criterias & votes.

    * can you confirm that 1 & 3 then 2 & 4 are the same ?
    * where is the vote of the author ?

    In a restaurant review it is really important to distinguish author review than user review. So I need to display the author review differently than the user review. Is it something possible ? how to do it ?

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    paul Paul

    up ?

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    Restaurants do not have an author/editor rating (that’s why the (rating and percentage fields are disabled when you choose Restaurant type).

    However you can overcome this and display also an Editor review by creating your own Box template (via our special filter), but this will require some coding work from your side.

    Here is a tip though; change the filter call to: wprs_template_restaurant_aggregate


    After you add the filter, then you can do this in two steps (a little tricky, but this is how it works for now):

    1- Choose rich snippets type “Review”, choose Rating type, then add editor star rating.

    2- Switch from the drop list to rich snippets type “Restaurant”, then choose type “Aggregate” and save your post.

    By this way, you’ve saved the Editor rating, and at the same time told the plugin that you want an aggregate user reviews for a Restaurant.

    I hope this was explained well.

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