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    Paula Boyles

    Currently, there is a significant omission in the Rich Snippets plugin for AGGREGATE reviews. Editor criteria is not displayed, and no option is available to allow editor criteria to be displayed separately from user criteria.

    For example, if our editors review a camera and rate it for durability, ease of use, photo quality and value, and assign these values as criteria, this information cannot be shown to site visitors unless we take away the capability for users to rate against the same criteria.

    This is a big problem (for us) and makes the plugin far less useful for sites that are review-centric.

    We would like to request a checkbox, or shortcode, or both that will display the editor criteria within the review block on the “Review” tab (or via shortcode). Then site visitors can see how site editors rated a product across various criteria, and gives site visitors the ability to add a review using the same criteria.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Thank you!

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    Paula Boyles

    As an addendum to the above, providing a direct comparison between editor criteria and aggregate user criteria as can be displayed in the WP Reviews plugin would also be acceptable (see example image below). However, since Rich Snippets segregates editor reviews and user reviews onto separate tabs, I realize that you may not be able to accomplish this without resorting to an add-on or shortcode (which I’m OK with)…but as long as the editor criteria (and values) can be shown SOMEWHERE, you will greatly increase the benefit to be derived from the plugin to site owners and visitors.

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    Dean Ouer

    That’s a great way to do what I tried to accomplish here.

     photo richsnippet_zps06508822.png

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    I will try to find a way to add this.


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    I just purchased the plugins and I was very disappointed to see that while rich snippets is the much more powerful plugin it cannot handle both an editor rating and a user rating on the same review and not only that but editor rating is disabled for restaurant snippet type, wp reviews can handle both on same post. This really reduces this plugin’s usefulness to me, please fix this, this issue was originally reported in july, now 5 months later it hasn’t been added. I would purchase an add on if needed.

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      The Wp Rich Snippets plugin can handle that, but it requires some function to be added to your theme’s functions.php file to filter the Box output.

      Please, find the function here.

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    tjalling hielkema

    the support in general is crap

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      I remember you have an issue with images in full display, this will be solved soon. However, you still need to have some basic photo editing skills being a webmaster, sometimes it’s not easy to automate everything!

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