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    Hello !
    What a great plugin I’ve found here !

    Just took an unlimited lifetime licence, but I’m a bit lost in the configuration of it.

    Here is what I need to build :
    I want to build a simple website to make Shops, Products (without prices) and Recipies comparison.
    So I have a custom post type for Shops, one for Products and one for Recipes (created with Types plugin).

    What I want is each post (whatever the post type is) to get a review box (fullwidth) with only the users rating.
    I don’t want to rate myself, but I need only the users to rate those different things.

    I also need them to be able to :
    – Send Reviews per post type
    – Having Comparison tables with all reviewed things (Shops, Products and Recipies)

    With all the plugins and add-ons I’m a bit lost. And then in the configuration too.
    Can you give me a link to a tutorial or explain a little bit how it works generally ?

    Because I saw that I can’t activate Author Hreview AND WP Reviews at the same time.
    I also don’t see the user rating system on my testing reviews.
    And I don’t understand the need of Rich Snippets when the content is the same as in the Review box.

    Thanks a lot for your help ! Hope I will soon be able to send a testimonial and being featured on your website 😉


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    Hi Guillaume,

    Glad to have you, and thanks for your kind words.

    I understand there is some confession, especially that we are offering three plugins in the main package. However, we recommend using the WP Rich Snippets plugin as it’s the one which will get most of updates in the future. (So, there is no need to use the other plugins).

    Here is a few steps that you can take to make things work:

    1- In the plugin settings, enable which custom post types for the plugin to work on.
    2- Navigate to the Rating tab, allow users/visitors to submit user reviews.
    3- Now, when you add/edit an entry, you should see a custom post meta box called Rich Snippets, that’s where you should fill review details. (Make sure you are using aggregate type for aggregate user reviews).
    4- Use add-ons as required, mostly you will need to install the Ranking Table add-on, then use its shortcode in a page or a post to display results. (there has to be some user reviews for the add-on to actually display results).

    Here is a link to the new plugin documentation.

    Also, feel free to submit a support ticket if you have any issue, I will be able then to assist you and create an example entry, which may help.

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    Thanks for this answer Hesham,

    I made it work, let say a little bit.
    I’ll post on the WP Rich Snippet forum 😉

    Thanks !

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    Great, thanks!

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