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    Matt Shooter

    I purchased a single license today and installed the plugin. I’m seeing a few things that either aren’t working, that I do not wish to see or that I would prefer to see differently.

    My initial question requested the following features:

    1: Individual reviews per post but not required on all posts.
    2: Some sort of “highest reviewed posts” widget
    3: Ability to select different rating criteria per post.
    4: User ratings only. No editor ratings.

    Let’s review these first…

    1: If the post does not have a review, the comments section is completely gone.
    2: You didn’t mention this was additional paid add on. 🙁
    3: All good here.
    4: “i Review” is showing and users must click “User Reviews” instead of just displaying the user reviews. How can I remove the “i Review” tab?


    My site has multiple post categories but only 3 of them are for reviews. If I select the “Users must choose a rating?” option, will people be able to comment in the categories that do not have a review option?

    When you click on the “User Reviews” tab, it displays an overview. However, although the single test review I’ve entered does show the solid bar on the “4 stars” line and it also shows the 4 stars in the comment area of the review, it is not registering in the Aggregate stars as they are all still grey.

    I plugged in the Google Maps iframe HTML for the test post it didn’t display anything. I’m already displaying a Google Map through another plugin. Maybe that’s the problem? I’m not against deleting the additional plugin if you’re displays the map nicely but I can’t tell since it’s not displaying it at all. I’ve kept the iframe map code there for now in case you want to test this out.

    The address section asks for a phone number but that number isn’t displayed within the post. However, the address is and it includes a comma after the zip code where there should be on comma. To be honest, I don’t even want this area to be displayed. If I enter it to display: none in the css, will that effect Google picking up any data from WP Rich Snippets?

    I like the location of the review overview at the top of the page but would prefer the comment section of the reviews under the post content like normal comments would be. How can I make that happen?

    Speaking of the comments section, the only page with a fully visible “Submit Comment” button is the one I have added review area to. EVERY other “Submit Comment” button throughout the site is now now showing correctly.

    The stars that reviewers are to mouse over are a light grey which makes them blend into the background. At first glance, I’m not seeing an image file or way to change the color in CSS. The blank stars in the overview area are using #999 which would be fine for the lower area too. How can I change this?

    Lastly (I think/hope)….When using the “Test this review” option, no stars are showing up. The data looks more or less identical to the results provided by the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

    Here’s a link to the test review I’ve set up so far. http://www.702shooter.com/gun-store-reviews/2nd-amendment-gun-shop-reviews

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    Hi Matt,

    I will try to answer your points below:

    1- There was an issue that has been fixed in the latest update. Please, download the latest version of the plugin and install it instead of the one you have now. (this should fix the comments on non-reviews issue).

    2- The plugin already included a widget, please find it in the Widgets page, it’s called “Rich Snippets Entries”, you can choose to order reviews by best rating within the widget settings.

    3- So, this is OK.

    4- This is how the user aggregate reviews temple is designed. In the future we will have a way to customize this template via a special filter.

    For your other notes:

    – Yes, that is correct. Please, upgrade to the latest version of the plugin to solve this issue (that was a bug in the plugin).

    – I am not sure, but probably you added a user review then delete it? Anyways, in the plugin settings, under the Rating tab, try clicking on the “Update User Reviews” button, this should go through reviews and update all user reviews on your website.

    – The Google maps works only on Restaurant type, this will be added in a future update.

    – Phone also working only on Restaurant type and will be added to other types in a future update.

    – I am not sure why the Review Test isn’t working on your review. Have you filled all the required fields on Rich Snippets post meta box (on the Main tab)? I think you missed the Product Name? This could break the review markups.

    P.S. The WP Rich Snippets plugin has nothing to do with the WordPress SEO plugin, they are completely different, so please don’t expect to have similar results.

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    Matt Shooter

    1- I’ll update this

    2- Missed that. Thank you.

    3- Yep.

    4- Not cool. I specifically asked about this before purchasing. I need this resolved ASAP or your plugin is no good for this site or the others I wanted to use it on. If there is a way to fliter this on my individual install now, that would make me happy. Otherwise, I feel you mislead me prior to purchase. 🙁

    For your other notes:

    – Thank you.

    – Agreed, that should fix it. However, it doesn’t. I tried that before including it here.

    – OK

    – OK

    – Yes I’ve filled everything out including the product name. In our email chain, I sent you an admin user login so you could review these things.

    P.S. I’m fully aware of this. The problem is that the test IS showing the SEO results NOT yours.

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      4- I don’t recall you asked something particular about this exact matter in our emails! (as I told you, the template will be filterable and you will be able to create your own template in a coming update).

      – I’ve took another look into your website. Strangely; the user rating do not update!

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    Matt Shooter

    Also, how do I change the color of the stars in the comment area? They are light grey and so is the site background.

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      You can inspect the Styles in your browser, then change the colors by overriding those styles within your Theme’s styles file.

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