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    Just have 3 questions so I can get a better understanding of the plugin.

    1. Not all of the posts will need a rating, so if the information is left out does AuthorhReview do anything at all? I would prefer it didn’t if thats possible.
    2. I have posts that are not ratings so i use rel=”me” and rel=”author” as seen here: http://yoast.com/wordpress-rel-author-rel-me/ Will this work on posts that have no rating? How would the posts with a rating work?
    3. Is there anyway to display just the stars without the ratingbox?

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    Ok, here is my answers:

    1- If you don’t set the rating, the plugin pass the post or page and do nothing.

    2- This probably has nothing to do with the plugin, means authorship is not part of the review and rating markups. If you set your authorship properly, you should get the author image with the review rating working all together at the same time.

    3- You can hide all possible elements on the rating box, then use a little CSS to hide the summary, so it will show only the stars. (I can asset you with this once yo provide me with a link to one of your reviews).

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    Hey Hesham,
    about number 3 is there any way to avoid having the code pop up at all? Mainly for SEO purposes I just dont want to hide it with CSS. I’m trying to have the stars display like this website on the side where it says “Latest Film Reviews”

    Film – WhatCulture

    If its not possible, Is there a plugin I could use to display on the website while I use authorhReview for google?

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    There is no issue if you hide it with CSS, the thing is you want the code to be there on the page (in the code), so CSS is the idea way, however I don’t actually recommend hiding any data, I made that option just because many members asked for it (but as I said I don’t recommend it).

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