A Look at Rich Snippets

In order to consolidate and decode some of the information you need to sift through when learning about rich snippets, BlueGlass Interactive created this visual guide to walk through the basics, fundamental types, implementation, and benefits of utilizing them.

rich snippets infographic

Rich Snippets Infographic

Visual Guide to Rich Snippets on SEOmoz created by BlueGlass Interactive


  1. I am just getting started looking into rich snippets for my e-commerce site, but am still pretty much confused about the whole thing.
    Your blog made it easier to understand and with all the links I think I can start implementing them (slowly) on my website.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Very illustrative and easy to understand post. I’m sure when i get started it will be easy to go through the steps. Thank you for taking your time to explain using diagrams.

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