(Thank You) Reviews of WP Reviews Plugin

A couple of months ago, I’ve launched the WP Reviews plugin, which have been doing great work in the market and helped many people to build awesome product reviews sites.

I would like to give a shutout and a special thanks to all members who reviewed and mentioned the WP Reviews plugin for their great support.

In this post, I will mention a few of those reviews of the WP Reviews plugin so that you see and read what they say bout it, also some posts includes good advice on how to use the plugin, plus how it can help you build products review site.

Reviews of the WP Reviews Plugin

– none English reviews:

Watch an overview from Michele Welch:

Thanks to Matthew Woodward for the great review and giveaway, Traffic Boosting WordPress Plugin. Watch the video review below:

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  1. Do you recommend hiding the date in the reviews? I think it affects how to customers would buy the product. If the review is old, they have the tendency to not buy the product. What you think?

  2. This plugin is really awesome, it gives awesome look of the product being reviewed. And the post also become more structured.

    Thanks for this great product Hesham 🙂

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