Reviews and Testimonials Plugins Updates

Hey everyone, I am so excited to announce the recent updates for my set of reviews and testimonial plugins. Most of these updates has been made to the plugin last October, some updates are actually new features that has been requested by members, and some other bug fixes and code enhancements, so let’s take it one by one. 

As you may know, my set of plugins includes two main plugins and an additional bonus plugin that is offered for free to all members, so let me share with you the change logs for each plugin starting with the WP Reviews plugin:

1) WP Reviews plugin

This plugins help you on building a complete reviews site based on WordPress, including author and user ratings. This plugin got most of the updates, actually there were four updates in the last month, here is a list of changes and new features that has been added to the plugin:

Version (the latest version)

  • Added update user rating when comment is approved.
  • Added support for Bitcoin currency (BTC).
  • Added support for Category pages in Top Rated Reviews widgets.
  • Added support for Category pages in Reviews widgets.


  • Fixed review image ALT not saving right in post meta.


  • Edited some text in the plugin settings page.
  • Changed image link to review post in widgets.
  • Fixed slider direction nav by updating jQuery FlexSlider to version 2.2.0
  • Added categories list to Top Rated Reviews Widget.


  • Complete re-coding for plugin settings page
  • Fixed admin menu conflict with Headway Theme by changing menu position.
  • Fixed shortcode [ratingbox] display.
  • Fixed Warning: Illegal string offset due to PHP Version 5.4.21
  • Fixed shortcode [recent_reviews] display.
  • Moved criteria to a new tab in the review settings meta box.
  • Removed the Version field from the review settings meta box.
  • Added datePublished markup.
  • Added an option to disable comment author url field.
  • Added plugin settings Import/Export feature.
  • Added an option to disable Featured image on Rating Box.
  • Added YouTube video thumbnail to reviews widget.
  • Added an option to hide the Price.
  • Added an option to hide only the currency symbol.
  • Added post types (post and page) to the plugin settings.
  • Added a new Help tab/section in the plugin settings.
  • Added Demo button to the mini rating box.
  • Added ALT tag to review image.
  • Added a fix for Error: Missing required field “updated” for some themes.

As you can see from those updates; the plugin is getting better, it’s actually better than ever.

2) Author hReview plugin

This plugin allows you to add review and rating markups to your reviews, plus adding an elegant rating box with your review details.


  • Added ALT tag to review image.
  • Fixed admin menu conflict with Headway Theme by changing menu position.

3) Customer Testimonials plugin

Allow your customer to submit their testimonials on your WordPress site, and display them in several ways, plus introduce their ratings to Google via the rating markups.


  • Added more options to customize the testimonial submit form shortcode in the plugin settings.
  • Added new feature to add rich snippets to the actuall post/page that has testimonial shortcode.
  • Load styles only when shortcode is used.

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  1. Hesham – I noticed your giving the Testimonial as a bonus. Think I could get a copy to review? (I’m a paid sub already). Thanks!

    • Hey Jason, yes.. It’s actually free for all paid members.

      You can get access to the plugin, just login to your account, go to the (Add/Renew subscription) tab, then use code “FREE” when check out.

      Let me know when your review is published so I can give it a little love.

      P.S. Don’t forget to use your affiliate link in the review 😉

  2. Hi Hesham,

    Can you tell me if WP Review supports categories? I’ve read the post above and it mentions category pages. Does that mean that I can have several Top 10 lists of reviewed products each in a different product category?

    Thanks for your time, Paul.

  3. Great Hesham,

    So that means that the actual review records carry the category, right? I don’t mind a little coding in the widget as long as it is possible to have a top ten for category A, B, C and onwards.

    Regards, Paul.

  4. Hi there, does the WP reviews plugin support approval of the reviews? Also, is it possible for the reviews to consume from a predefined list of products they can review rather than the user randomly adding there own products or listings?

    • Just to be clear, the plugin doesn’t allow users to submit product reviews, it allows them to add a review on a product that is already listed by the administrator or an author of the site. User reviews depends on WordPress default commenting system, so it can be managed and approved as any normal comment.

      Also, reviews are normal posts, pages or it could be a custom post type. You can import reviews like you import any post to WordPress, you just need to figure out the post meta for reviews to function.

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