How to Write a Product Review that Makes Sales

Product reviews are very powerful and effective when it comes to affiliate marketing, or even marketing your own product. People search everyday for good product reviews that give them information about the product they are thinking to buy, and help them to make a decision. People tend to believe what is there in the reviews. Honest and positive reviews mostly spreads confidence and leads to more sales by convincing people to take a purchase decision.

If you are into affiliate marketing, then probably you have already written a lot of product reviews and got some experience doing it, but many reviews I’ve seen has common mistakes by reviewers. So I thought of sharing some review writing tips with you, hopefully I can add something to your knowledge, or benefit you in any way.

Using Keywords in your product review

The first mistake that many review writers don’t care about keywords.

Just imagine you are writing a review about some product to be published on a blog. Search engines will point users to the review through keywords you’ve placed in your review. So, if you haven’t set relevant keywords, people won’t be able to actually find it.

You have to insert relevant keyword, preferably the brand name in review subject, and at least mention it a couple of times in the content body. Keywords are really important, especially we are talking here about affiliate marketing, thus you have take extra care.

Review relevancy

Write your review in a relevant site. Just imagine that you have written a baby diaper review in a cricket or sport web site. What will happen? Will that make sales? I don’t think so! Always place your review in a relevant blog or web site.

As I mentioned earlier affiliate marketing is all about keywords. So you will get an extra advantage when you place your review in a web site which is related to your product.

Keep it Simple!

Keep your reviews simple. This is very important if you are reviewing a technical product, keep in mind that readers are in many academic and knowledge levels, so make sure they all can understand what is there in your review. Write straight to the point and clear sentences, don’t elaborate stuff. And, be honest on what you write. Do not write false information about the product, always be truthful in your reviews. Lying and misleading people do not result in good business.

Share your Personal Experience

Write original stuff based on your own point of view. Give your personal experience. If you do not know about the product or if you have not used this product, then I must advice you not to review it. Find a product that you have actually used or you know about. People aren’t stupid, so don’t treat them this way.

Also, don’t be a copy cat, you should’t copy others. In affiliate marketing or in any writing, copying is illegal, readers won’t like it either. You must give the buyers a good impression, make them feel you are really confident about the product, and you actually love it. Also, don’t repeat yourself, put in mind that one solid review published on one high authority web site is more than enough, but if you have more ideas to share about the same product, the it’s not a bad idea to even write more about it.

But, in this case, you don’t need to rate the product on each review, consider that as a normal blogs post, I think it would perform better, you can then link to your original review).

Make use of Screenshots or Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so what about a Video?

Thank about it, a single video will have hundreds of pictures, right? So, if you can make videos to demonstrate the product features, or how to use it, then this is a win and big advantage. It will actually help you convert more buyers.

You don’t need to Push

Do not write an ordinary review and use phrase like “Buy this today” or “Click here to buy it now” without giving a strong reason why someone should actually buy it “Now”, for example if this product has a discount code, coupon, or good offer, then it would make sense. Rather than that, never push people to buy it, instead give them a reason to do so by guiding them to make a purchase decision.

It’s a good idea to place a call to action at the end of your review though.

The Author hReview plugin dose that by default in an elegant way though.

Bottom line

These are some general tips on how to write product reviews that makes sales. Keep in mind is reviews is part of your business, and you have to make sure that your products are having good reviews. Good reviews will always increase sales, that’s why it’s very important for any product. Review writing is art, all you have to do is to get on the right track, be honest, be yourself, and your reviews will get popular among the others.


  1. Good foundational tips, Hesham.
    Especially, keep on track be honest and more importantly, just be yourself. People do pick up on strong sales language and more so when your normal style might be casual and relaxed.

  2. Great tips Hesham. I’m writing a product review right now. I’m not an affiliate so the sales from the post will go the the product owner but the advice still applies. Thanks, that was great timing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Hesham,

    Thank you so much for these tips, adding screen shoots can really show that you mastered the product and you actually know what you are presenting. Also the plugin that you have mentioned seems to be a greet one to use.

  4. I would like to have used it just for the star rating snippet but it seemed awkward. Couldn’t there be automated inputs too? Each item you have to enter the product title into the box when it’s the same as the review title.

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