Plugins Update: Enhancing Page Markups and Call to Action

Some new updates to share this week, mostly these are cool enhancements and additional functionality added to the WP Rich Snippets plugin and its Call To Action add-on. If you have an active license, then go a head an download the latest versions.

We would love to thank everyone who participated with great feedback. 

WP Rich Snippets plugin

The WP Rich Snippets plugin got a new update, now we’ve reached version 1.0.0b93, here is a list of changes that are made to the plugin:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a notice on home page when checking for type vote.
  • Fixed display criteria field when is empty.


  • Corrected a typo in the Rich Snippets post meta box.
  • Edited some text in plugin settings page.
  • Added new settings under Display > Extras to unlink images for better SEO.
  • Removed the word “Summary” out of the description markup.

Call To Action add-on

In the newest update, the version 1.5 gets better than ever!

We’ve added a couple of functions to automatically remove the Summary from the main Box template, and display it only on the CTA Box. These functions will stop repeating the summary twice on the same page. Now, the markups for description has been added to the CTA summary.

I hope you will like the new updates.

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