Using Author hReview Plugin to Add Review Rich Snippets to WordPress

If you are wondering how easy it is to use the plugin and add review rich snippets to your WordPress blog, then you should watch this video. Adam W. Warner made a fantastic video tutorial on how to use and configure the Author hReview plugin. Basically that was a review of Author hReview plugin.

Watch Adam’s video tutorial on how to use and configure the Author hReview plugin.

Thanks Adam for the fantastic video.

Download Author hReview plugin from


  1. Hi Hesham, despite the Youtube video, I’m having trouble making the Reviews box appear in the Edit Post/Add New Post window. I’m using the Thesis theme. It only shows up when I switch back to Twenty-Eleven, which would be quite a pain to do every time I have to publish a review. Any possible solutions?

      • Hi Hesham,

        Yeah, I have the review info. But I can’t adjust the details in the blog post — not when I’m using the Thesis theme, at least. I have to switch back to Twenty-Eleven (or Twenty-Ten) in order for the review configuration/settings box to appear under the post area?

    • I think there is a custom field, when in putting in the metabox on this plugin, Author hReview plugin automatically creates metadata tags in the custom fields.

  2. Hi, I love the plugin, I hope you can add shortcode for next release and customization rating like 4.5 stars for performance, 4.0 stars for quality, and overall ratings.. please..

    • Hi Edz, Let’s see how it will turn out, however I am not so sure I can add more features to the plugin, I am trying to make it simple as possible!

    • That’s the new beta release, I am testing it out on my blog for sometime first, I don’t want to break anybody’s blog if you know what I mean!

  3. Having the same issue. =Tried it on multiple hosting providers just in case. Won’t show up in the post edit screen, no screen options to select, and completely blank. I’ve tried on other sites as well – I can’t recall a time when i did see it.

    Any updates coming, maybe one that addresses the conflict with Thesis?

    • Hi Jason, I assure you, there is no conflict with Thesis Theme. it could be a conflict with another plugin. Anyways, I am in the process of re-coding the meta box part, hopefully I can get this done soon!

  4. Hesham, first of all thanks for bringing up this awesome plugin, I would like to know how to add custom styling for this plugin, the default rating is appearing in rectangular form at the top of the post and I would like to display it at the end of the post in post width… can you help me with the settings or code for the same..?

    • Hi Raj,

      If you have some coding skills you can edit the /include/review_template.php file.

      The other simple way is to hide the main rating box within the plugin options, and keep only the box after post, this can be done by going to Settings/Reviews in your WP dashboard.

      I hope this helps.

  5. Great plugin — I’m using it for my site right now! By any chance, are you going to implement half ratings (i.e. 4.5, 3.5, etc.) any time soon?

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