Author hReview Gets A New Design, Pricing Licenses, and more!

Hi everyone, I am so excited to launch the new website design of, the new design as you can see is more cleaner, and I’ve tried my best to make it more easier to navigate though the website sections.

Also, there have been huge changes in ricing license -not that I’ve increased prices- to make things better. So, read on!

Since I started about two years ago; I was thinking of stability! So, I decided to use a trusted WordPress Theme.

That been said; the website has been always running on a custom child theme made especially for the Genesis Framework, I’ve been always recommending it for everyone because it gave me great stability, I don’t have worries running a business website when using Genesis.


I hope you will enjoy the new design! 

New Demo Website

Yes, you’ve been asked for it, now you have it!

Check the new Demo Site.

New Plugin has been added to the package

I’ve been offering two Pro WordPress plugins that can be downloaded via purchasing a license from my site. The good news is; I’ve added a new plugin to the package today, it’s the new WP Rich Snippets plugin.

This plugin is by far the most powerful plugin in the package, so make sure to check it out!

The available version of the plugin is still in beta, I will have to give it sometime before getting it out of beta, this will happen after a few good tests and updates!

So, now we have three main plugins in the package:

  1. WP Rich Snippets plugin
  2. WP Reviews plugin
  3. Author hReview plugin

Plus the bonus Customer Testimonials plugin.

What about Add-ons?

I’ve dedicated a new section on the site for plugin add-ons, which will be sold separately or as part of another license.

At this point, I have only one add-on for the WP Reviews plugin, but there are more to come soon, I am planning to release more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

New Pricing Licenses

First of all, I’ve kept prices the same, so no change and extra cost! I’ve actually added two new pricing license to give you more options when purchasing the Pro package:

The Unlimited License

The unlimited license gives you access to all plugins plus add-ons, so you don’t have to make individual purchases for add-ons. However, you will have to renew your access when expired (if needed).

Needless to mention; this is a multi-sites license, it allows you to use the plugins on any site you personally own.

 Any payment you make is actually one time payment, I never charge you again, it’s optional to renew your access, and you actually have to do it by yourself when you need to. You can still use all plugins and add-ons as for long as you want.

The Ultimate License

When you purchase the ultimate license, you get your hands on everything I produce and release here on the site including plugins and add-ons. Even better; you won’t be charged anymore, it’s one payment for a lifetime access to all plugins, add-ons plus support and upgrades. And, you are allowed to use the plugin on any site you own. (this is by far the best offer you can get, one payment for everything and you are done!)

Click here to check the new pricing options.

Extending Support and Upgrades Period

Many members disliked the 6 months of access to support and upgrades, so I toke the chance while planning the new license and increase the access period from 6 months to a while one Year at cost of $49, which means you pay less (You Win!)

Yes, now when you purchase a license, you will gain access to support and upgrades for one Year.

What next?!

Soon, I will publish another post about the new WP Rich Snippets plugin to share with you some of its exciting features.

I hope you will like the new design and updates, let me know if you do 🙂

Also, if you have any questions, please ask!


  1. Great Job on the new Site and the new Plugin Hesham! If it’s half as good as WP Reviews it’s gonna be awesome:) I’m going to download it now and give it a spin, thank you!

  2. New design is awesome and welcome to Genesis family 🙂 Also I’m glad to know about new pricing structure, 1 year license upgrade for $49 is cool 🙂

    • Hey Hesham! Great job with the plugin. Have been looking for one, as AuthorhReview was limited, and options on CodeCanyon was also a bit lacking 🙁

      Just bought the ultimate package (lifetime!), but while doing so, I accidentally bought…. the user image review add-on! 😮

      As such, instead of paying $299, I ended up paying $328. Could you refund me the $29? 🙂

      Appreciate your help!

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