Moving To New Site at the 1st Of May

We have been working hard to build our new site, we think it’s ready, and this means we can do the move to the new site by the end of this month, which is only a few days from today. So, Yes! We are so close to move to our new site.


But before we do that, we need to make sure everything will go smooth and you will actually enjoy the new changes we made in our new site and the overall experience with our new WPRichSnippets plugin and its add-ons.


Let me first tell you about this site, I mean here, this site runs on some great tools, which allow us to deliver the plugins and its support:

Those tools are simply awesome, because they helped on making this site perform pretty good in the last three years. But the time become to some new fresh tools to enhance user experience.

Here is  what we’ve used to setup our new site:

We’ve picked those tools mentioned above based on the expected value that will be added to our business.

Value Added To Our Business

Here is only a few features that we have added to our new coming site:

  • Automatic plugin updates.
  • Email support.
  • Credit Card payments.
  • SSL for more security.

Deadlines (1st of May)

We’ve set a deadline for our move, we will launch the new site on the 1st of May, 2015.

So, how this will happen?!

We will try our best to make this easy as possible.

Practically, we will release a special update for the WPRichSnippets version 1.0, which will be available to all active members by the end of the Month. When you download and install the plugin, you will be asked to visit our new website to create your account and receive your new License Key, which is necessary to receive automatic plugin updates and premium support.

As we will move all our selling pages to the new website, our affiliate links will change. This will require all of our affiliate program members to edit and modify their affiliate links, and point them to the new site as we will close the old affiliate program. This is very important to keep receiving commissions.

We are going to slightly modify our Terms of Service to include the changes we made to our pricing and the overall service.

Stay Tuned!

We will be moving soon…


  1. Sounds great Hesham! I look forward to seeing the new digs. I like that the plugin will be updated and ask the user setup the new account, however, couldn’t you simply port that data over to the new site so we can keep the same user/pass? Or does this have to do with you switching off of aMember to EasyDigitalDownloads?

    • Hi Scott,

      Definitely, I could move all account to the new site (which is pretty easy), but the problem is I have several accounts (around 3000) that were created with pending invoices, non-active affiliates and also free accounts, which I think is better to drop them all at this point.

      So, this is my chance to do some clean up and make sure to move only active members.

      I hope this makes sense.

  2. Will the new key affect those of us still using WP Reviews, or will we only need to use that key on sites using the new version of Rich Snippets?

    • Hi Noman,

      Glad you like it, and I hope the new design will increase conversion. I’ve actually kept it as simple as possible for that exact reason 🙂

    • Hi Obasi,

      There is no upgrade bath between older plugins and the WPRichSnippets plugin, however we can assist you with this via our support.

  3. Hey Hesham!

    I’m still not moved to 🙁 Already messaged you on Riseforums, Facebook and the contact form on WPRichsnippets 🙂

    • Leo, we haven’t migrated any of the members account, and we actually won’t do that. We want to only have active members, those who will get in touch and ask us to assist them with their new account.

      Anyways, I’ve replied to your email, and we already setup your account, but I am just replying to this comment so everyone read it will know what to do!

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