We’ve Moved Our Website Officially to WPRichSnippets.com


So, as I’ve explained to you why we are moving to a new website, we actually did moved to wprichsnippets.com, if you are looking to add schema markup to your WordPress site, then make sure to visit us at our new home.

We are moving all our active members to the new website, so we decided to keep this site (authorhreview.com) active only for our members, we are not selling any products here at this time.

Have a question?

Use this page to contact us.

New here?!

Go a head and visit our new website to learn more or purchase WPRichSnippets plugin license.


  1. Hi Hesham,

    I’ve sent you an email as well, I didn’t realize you moved to a new site. I purchased a lifetime license and need to know how to set up a new account as well. I also need help with troubleshooting.

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