Introducing the WP Rich Snippets Compare Add-on

I’ve just added another cool add-on, I call it the Compare add-on for the WP Rich Snippets plugin. It will help you to easily display a comparison table between items, you decide which items to show via a shortcode, so that you can display it anywhere on your WordPress site.

This is very useful, for example it gives a quick idea of how a product is compared to other products.

Here is what you get:



Check the add-on page for more details, and examples.

Note: Members with unlimited licenses can go a head and download the add-on within their accounts, otherwise consider upgrading your account.


  1. I’ve been wanting a plugin like this for a while. The plugin looks great. I can’t wait till I can get some time to get this plugin, test it, review it, and use it. I already have several ideas to use this for in several different articles.

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