Incomplete microdata with (Solved)

A couple of days ago -or maybe more- Google made changes to the rating and review code snippets, which caused the rating stars to disappear from search results.

If you do a test in Google’s rich snippets test tool, you will get this warning on your review post or page:

Incomplete microdata with

The good news is

I’ve managed to solve this issue in the Author hReview plugin, and released a new update with a fix, you can go a head and download version within your account.

P.S. I’ve dropped this update yesterday, so you can download it within your account, also I sent an email to all members, not sure if everyone got it though, maybe it was caught as a spam, so please check.

To install the new version of the plugin, simply deactivate and remove the old one, then upload and activate the new version, and you are good to go. (you won’t lose any reviews data)

First time here?

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  1. Hi Hesham,

    On my account page I can only download “Author hReview Free (stable –” and not “” which you are referring to in the blog post above.

    Is the update only for paying users or is there something I’m missing?

    I would also encourage you to update the plugin via the WordPress site. It makes it so much easier for us blog owners to upgrade via the backend.



    • Hi Peter, is what you should be using, the other version is the pro, so you guessed it right.

      I will do my best, let’s say I will update the WordPress directory in a week or two.

      • Big fan of the plugin and the free wordpress version is widely appreciated!
        Looking forward to the update to see in back in action!
        Thanks Hesham

  2. Hi Hesham,

    It’s seems that i’m still unable to use Hreview, despite updating to the latest version, i believe it’s because am using Hope could fixed it soon, or advise me on what i can do to use the services again.

    Thanks lots

    Regards, Jason

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