Why You Should Implement Google Rich Snippets

It’s obvious, anything that can add a new SEO feature to your blog is worth it, Google Rich Snippets can help your content stand out in search results, and get more clicks and search traffic. Luckily, the Author hReview plugin adds rich snippets for editorial reviews and rating.

Take advantage of Google rich snippet offerings.


    • Hi Rob,

      The plugin was developed for editor reviews, but maybe some time latter I can implement customer reviews as well!

  1. I love the plugin! It’s a great addition to any review blog out there.

    Any chance of having more control over the output of the review box? Perhaps just having it at the bottom or the post. Or maybe even hidden? Maybe a short code to put it where ever fits best with our layouts?

    It seems like there is a basis for this in the plugin code, but I’m not sure how to implement it.


    • Hi Mark, thanks for the recommendation!

      I try to focus on author reviews at this time, maybe changing plans anytime.

  2. Hi,
    I love the plugin but I have a problem. I use premium Ammon wp theme and this plugin looks like this on my post page:

    Review of:
    title=”HostGator Web Hosting”
    target=”_blank”>HostGator Web Hosting

    and this is Summary:

    title=”HostGator Web Hosting” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>More Details

    On my widgets is everithing OK but on post page is not.
    Why is seen title=, target=_blank”, rel=”nofollow”?
    How to fix this?
    Please help me 🙁
    Please look at my blog (blog is on Croatian language)

    • This issue has been taken care of, I’ve updated the plugin today, you can get the recent version from wordpress plugins directory.

  3. Hi Hesham

    Just downloaded your plug-in and installed it. Very nice! Thanks.

    Is there a way to remove the dates that appear on the review box on the individual posts?

    We’re using Thesis.


    • Hi Charlotte,

      There is no option to remove the date, however you can actually do it by a little CSS!

      I’ve updated the plugin today, and it’s now support removing the whole rating box. You can download it from wordpress directory if the update notice didn’t show yet on your blog.

      • Thanks Hesham

        I used Google Webmaster Rich Snippets Testing Tool to test out one of our posts with the plugin installed. It is putting out a message “This page does not contain authorship or rich snippet markup.”.

        Can you advise as to what might be the issue please?


          • Thanks Hesham. Did the update and all working very nicely!

            When you get a chance, could you post the custom.css code to remove the one or both of the dates in the rating box please?


          • OK. Downloaded FireBug. Not really sure what I’m looking for/at, so let’s leave it at that. Maybe in a release down the track you might like to consider adding a check-box for this feature.

            Great plug-in!
            All the best

          • Thanks for the suggested update Hesham; much appreciated. It worked a treat. Brilliant plugin; rated it 5-stars and voted it “Works” on the WordPress.org site.


    • Hi Paul,

      This can be done if you know some PHP coding, you can edit the /include/review_template.php file.

      However, I don’t recommend this as you will lose changes once you update the plugin in the future.

      P.S. I don’t get your point, why you write about and review a product that you don’t actually recommend?! (just wondering)

      • Are you saying that you’ve never heard of bloggers providing their opinions on products they don’t recommend? I get questions ALL the time about my opinion on many different kinds of products in the market place – from ones I might give 0-1 star to ones I’d give 5 stars. I doubt anybody these days trusts a blogger who only writes about products that they recommend – it looks too much like obvious shilling.

          • :-). Thanks Hesham. Yeh. To have it optional based on the post would be ideal. I’ve been showing people your plugin – and as I’m sure you’ve discovered people love it.

  4. Hi guys same problem here “This page does not contain authorship or rich snippet markup”

    using the preview tool. I am getting all this info but no preview. Can anyone help me?

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