Hello Author hReview plugin

I always like to keep the first post, I know it will remind me with the day I launched the site. So welcome to Author hReview’s official blog.

It has been a great experience since I started coding this plugin two months ago, it fist started on FamousBloggers.net when Yoast inspired me with his post about implementing hReview into WordPress themes. A few weeks latter things went more wild and I decided to create a plugin for Thesis Themes that add rich snippets support for reviews and ratings, I thought it would be a great addition to my ThesisAwesome.com site where I sell premium Thesis Child Themes.

And guess what?

I changed my mind, I’ve always dreamed of developing for a wider range of people, I didn’t want my plugin to be limited to only Thesis users. Thanks for David Doolin for the inspiration, he helped me to debug the plugin and gave a great feedback! He motivated me to re-code the plugin and make it work with any WordPress blog. Thank you!

I will update this post again when I have a chance and tell you more! But, for now…

I would love to hear what you think, and I may pick your experience, feedback or thoughts about the plugin and credit you and myself in an awesome testimonial, so let me hear from you what you thinking!


  1. hello hesham, thanks for this plugin. I think it will be better if you add some new features like:
    1. Decimal rating
    2. Code to display top rating in a page. Something like this myanimelist.net/topanime.php . Ofcourse based on editor/author review.
    3. Or even better if you also add consumer/visitor rating and display it separately with author review.
    Thanks, and I’m waiting for the update 😀

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I made note of these, I like the idea of having a page for top reviews. However, not sure yet if it’s right to add customer reviews to a plugin called author reviews 🙂

      Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Hesham, I need so help about this plugin. I installed it on my website, but it is not displaying correctly. There is html stuff after “review of:” and also after the product summary, where the button should be.

    Please help me, you can contact me through email also.

    • Nik, I did an update today, you can download it from wordpress directory if the update notice didn’t show yet on your blog.

  3. Just installed Author hReview plugin – very easy, no problems.
    Added details for a review of a Genesis child theme and am waiting to see how it appears in the SERPS.

    Great looking plugin and I’ll be interested in how it affects traffic.

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